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Dear Gianfranco,

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon to admire the beauty of this bike and this morning I decided to go for a test ride.
Despite the strong wind everything went ........ perfect.
The bike steers perfectly and it is deliciously stiff.
The seat is perfect and I really believe that with the same effort you are unable to reach a speed of 2-3 km / h more.
Cycling you can see the tastefully finishing that only an "Italian" can give and you can enjoy the quality of the used materials.
After this first tour, I can only say that I am very happy to own this beautiful and unique bicycle.


Hi Gianfranco,

last weekend I cycled quite a distance .
I had no pain and I was sitting quietly on the bike.
However I have to watch my feet because I notice that automatically I push with the toes pointing down
The bike steers straight and is fast so I needed to pay attention when I was cycling through the city.
Until now nothing but praise, thank you so much.




Today I did the first ride in Lage Vuursche.

The bike runs really great;
perfect seat and excellent position right from the start.

On the faster parts of the track the bike rolls fine by and in the more technical parts the fork performs well. I have more control over the bike.

The thing I'm most pleased with is the transmission:

the transmission works well and because of the longer crank and the special chainrings, I have to push much less than before. For my knees is really a lot better.



Hi Gianfranco,

hier a short message:

the bike has been extremely well behaved in the Alps
(nice that exchangeable cassette!).

It is very comfortable and always reacts directly, both uphill and downhill, and I was much faster than with my old bike
(compared with the same training during the preseason).

The bike got a lot of attention, and your reputation is also very good;

your name and products are well-known.



Hi GF,

I enjoy cycling on holiday around Levico.
I have climbed the Pannarota and the Manghen.
Went great on my bike. :-)
This is a really super surroundings for cycling and
I suspect that I still come back once.




Sunday June 16th was finally the big day:
the first ride, from Utrecht to Doetinchem, with my new bike.
Until Driebergen was all a bit strange and I had to get used to the different riding position, switching and other wheels and brakes, but near Rhenen started anyway more and more to be my bike and I thought:
I'm going to make the ride a little longer, along the Rhine and the IJssel.
I did it and enjoyed it.
It is clear that it will not become a lazy bike and we hope, the bike and I, that we'll can have lots of fun together
Thanks for the good care and advice,



Hi Gianfranco,

It's been weeks since you've delivered me my new bike and now I have cycled many miles on it.
It cycles delicious and is delicious.

I want to thank you for your patience, your advice and the wonderful result!



Ha Gianfranco,

What a super bike you have built for me!

Today I cycled a lot.
It is noiseless and especially on the large gear,
it is many times smoother than on my previous bike.
Against wind I had not previously been so comfortable
and I have no problems with shoulders and neck after a couple of hours cycling.



Hello Gianfranco,

I wanted to send a message earlier but until now I was too busy......

With my mountain bike I've been three times through the wild forests of Amerongen and today Mook, nearby Nijmegen.
It brakes and disables fine again.

Thanks and until next time.


Hello Gianfranco,

also on behalf of Len, we'll send you herewith a picture, taken last Saturday in Gaasterlân, of two beautiful Storoni racing bikes with two very satisfied customers.

Best regards,
Gerard & Miriam



Dear Gianfranco,

I have cycled the first few kilometers , and the "titanium steed" slides over the road.
It feels super.

Thanks again for your patience and advice.
Now I have to make a lot of mileage, and get used to the slightly lower seat.

I feel now that I'm using other muscles of my thighs.



Hello Gianfranco,

My bike runs great!

At each stage the comfort, combined with the weight and the response of the bike, is fantastic.

I'am very happy with it.



Dear Gianfranco,

I went recently to Michael Delva with your bike to have another fully "customized" bike (with laser application).

It was probably the first time that Michael has experienced this in his career.

The bike turned out to be adjusted perfectly as specified, so that no operation was to be done.

A fine piece of craftsmanship "beyond categorization" he commented.

Kind regards,
Rik (Belgium)


Hello Gianfranco.

By bike Leeuwarden is too far from Utrecht, so I send you a picture of me as a very satisfied owner of a Storoni frame.

I'm still very glad that in 2008 I bought this frame from you.
As you can see I have assembled it with Dura Ace, Fast Forward wheels and 3T components.

I also bought a pair of Zipp 404 and now I'm considering to install them on this bike.

Recently I bought a second bike and then I noticed how well made is the Storoni frame.

There is no ready-made bike that can beat a custom made bike


A satisfied customer,



REGRET !!!!!???

Hi Gianfranco,
Yes, indeed!


I regret that I didn't start earlier to ride a custom bike.

Is a great pleasure to ride the bike that you've made for me.

After an initial round of 40 km, a journey of 80 km, a cycling tour in the Limburg area with quite a few climbs and a temperature of 26 degrees,

I can say that I feel a big difference compared to my old bike.

Now I'm sure that cycling with a good custom bike is really important!

Thank you again.

Hi Gianfranco!

My titanium Storoni is fantastic!
It runs on the road as a gentle swish, which is a special sensation.
.........it transform the paving stones in velvet ..............


Hallo Gianfranco,

In 2004 I purchased a bike from you.

long time has passed since the last time I visited you and that's because you're too far away from Harlem.

This is also the reason because I do the maintenance of the bike here in Harlem.
I wanted to let you know that this summer it was still a pleasure to ride on the bike you made for me. I must say that!

I must confess that I do not mistreat the bike, but after all these years, because of very good quality, everything works fine.

I made all kinds of tours, from Tourmalet and Aubisque till the Ventoux and Aigoual. Also the Campagnolo still works fine.

Thank you again for having recommended the triple crank!
I'm already dreaming of a new bike,..... and why I should not buy it again from you?

See you soon,

Thanks Gianfranco,

the bike seems modeled on me and I am very happy.
Between late July and early August I will go to biking in the Dolomites.



Hello Gianfranco,

Next month I'll put the bike on the test bench
Then I will attend the multi-day race in the Tour de Lasalle; June 14 to 18.
Later I will race with the team at BDO.
This weekend I'll make a qualifying lap of 400 km in order to participate to the Paris-Brest-Paris

In short, the Storoni bike is severely tested and so far successfully.
Its comfort in combination with its correct stiffness are unique and these features can not certain be experienced with a carbon bike.



Hello Gianfranco,

unfortunately I have not much time to ride the bike, but I can certainly say that I really like it and that.... it got a lot of attention.
The bike has become precisely what I wanted.

The design and colors are the ones I expected.
The seating position is clearly shorter than what I had on my old bike and I am very happy with this.

The bike turns well and precise and gives a feeling of lightness.

However, it is a real treat to be on the road with this Storoni

Friendly greetings,


Dear Gianfranco,

for a whole week I have been training in Spain by bike with this setup and I had absolutely no pain; not even the slightest pain.

Stability and comfort are truly sublime

Yours sincerely,


Hi Mr. Storoni,

since I already made my first trips on my new "titanium racer"
I just wanted to let you know how good I feel to ride it.

At first I had to get used to the new seating position, but now I feel really well.
I clearly noticed that the bicycle, even if it is rigid, it can absorb all the vibrationsvery well.


Dear Gianfranco,

Yesterday morning I used the bike for the first time.
I traveled 80 km in the mud of Betuwe with other members of the WTC Culemborgclub.
I noticed that with this bike I need to use less energy than what I had to use with my old bike.
So I'm really glad I made this purchase

Yours sincerely,


Hello Gianfranco,

Yesterday I did my first long trip on my new titanium Storoni.
in one word: Fantastic!

There is no trace of all the small and big pain with which I struggled in the last years
I have not even had the saddle pain while using the new Brooks Swift saddle.
It is really strange; on this bike you feel stronger.
Rigid, but also comfortable.
You don't even realize to cycle on flints.
I do not understand why not all bikes are made of titanium.
Again, my heartfelt thanks.

Best regards,



The first 50 kilometers have been wonderful.
The bike turn perfectly and if you push you feel immediately a direct reaction.
In short, a great bike!




I just made my first trip; about 100 km.
During the first few kilometers I had to get used to the position,

but then I sped up ...... :-)

Nice! Very nice!


Thanks a lot!


I just want to let you know that last Saturday I participated with my "Storoni" to the Walloon Arrow over a distance of 170 kilometers with 3.300 meters of climbs and descents.
The bike is perfect.
Inter alia ,
during a break, some other cyclists, intrigued by reading the article that appeared in "Fiets", asked me information about you.

So Congratulations!


Hello Gianfranco,

Yesterday we made our first bike trip;

we went to my brother about 100 miles away.


I've never cycled so well.

After the trip we had no pain at all and we almost want to go back home by bike. Also we both fell, as indeed must occur during a test drive.

It was definitely no fault of the bike, but it was our fault.

However, everything went well with no consequences or damage to our bikes. Thanks for the great job! We are very happy.

Gonneke en Luchien


Gianfranco good day,

From the first moment I got on the bike, I had the feeling like I was wearing a tailor-made jacket.


The proportions are right, not only in the theory but also in the practice.
The bicycle ride perfect in the curves and every pedal stroke is a success.
I have absolutely no doubt about his behavior
on the hills and the mountains.

My friends look eager at my bicycle, full of admiration.
The most common question is:

where did you bought it?

In Utrecht?

And why you went so far to buy a bike?

I had to repeat many times how I met you.

Friendly greetings,


Hello Gianfranco.

This weekend I was able to try the bike very well (yesterday 50 and today 100 km.)
and now I can say that I am very satisfied.

The driving position is perfect and everything works perfectly.
My speed was also very high, but I do not know if this is just about the bike ........?

I come to visit you to make the first check; I've already covered the first 500 km.


My red Full Carbon "is a fantastic bike"
It swish on the road and thanks to your expert advice has become just like I wanted.
A unique and very light bike that will ride with pleasure for many years.

Thank you very much
Maria (March 2009)


I rode the bike for the first 100 km!

Truly another dimension of cycling.
I didn't have any problems against strong wind between the dunes!
I am happy with my bike and I will promote you all over as a manufacturer of truly unique bicycles.



Dear Gianfranco,

until now i didn't inform you about the feelings that I get riding the bike I built with your red frame with the very high bracket.
The answer is: very good.
The frame behaves very well and I have absolutely no "Easy Rider" feelings.
Ride a bike with longer cranks make me go faster than before.
So, last Wednesday, I've beaten in a sprint up a colleague much younger and lighter than me.

Usualy, until now, this was something that it would never happened to me.

Shortly, I am very pleased and my gratitude is great!


Hi Henk,

tonight I spoke with Gianfranco Storoni.
That is particularly passionate bike builder that here in Utrecht supplies custom frames to cyclists, enthusiasts, tourists and racers.
He delivers custom frames in all materials: steel (all types), aluminium titanium and carbon.
He has also given me a perfect race frame-styled and highly accurate assembled.



Hi Gianfranco,

Perfect! The new bike is beautiful.

I have cycled occasionally between the rain showers of the last days and it rides absolutely perfect.



Ciao Gianfranco,

Oh, oh what it rides fine!!

Do you want to take a picture for your website?




The new Storoni is really a beautiful and super cycle.

The geometry is is exactly right.

I am very happy with it.






The first trip ran like on velvet.

The bike makes no sounds and the comfort on bumpy roads is great.

A huge difference.



Hi Gianfranco,


Incredibly beautiful thing!
Good work Gianfranco!




Dear Gianfranco,

since last Saturday I drove more than 190 miles.

The bike rides great!



Ciao Gianfranco!


It looks fantastic!

How beautiful!

Thank you!



Hi Gianfranco

the bike rides super!

Smooth and stable and the handling is fantastic!



...................... yes, it's still good.

During the last few weeks the rear wheel was severely tested;

first in northern Italy, then the Limburgs Mooiste and after the heavy Flèche Wallonne.

Well done and thank you!



Hi Gianfranco!

The "yellow-melon" bike has drove today its first round of Amerongen.

In one word, it was AMAZING!

Despite rain, hail, high winds and cold, it has itselvelves bravely defended.
Everything is finel.

I am sitting better, everything runs smoothly and I really did barely make an effort to keep up with the C groep.
What a pleasure to be able to switch so smoothly.

I am very happy and satisfied; say it that I'm over the moon with my Storoni.



........... thank you, especially for the great service!




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