What is custom made?

Each custom made frame or bicycle is a unique product that is  implemented

considering the requests and the amount willing to spend.

To make sure that everything is clear in advance, we take all the time needed

to review the requests and advise the client on the models, materials and

mechanical parts of any assembly.

After the interview, using a method previously established,

we record the anthropometric measures of the cyclist which later

will be developed with the help of an excellent software " Bike CAD Pro”.

The method of measurement, based on the theories developed by a past champion

like Bernard Hinault, was repeatedly tested and refined in the wind tunnel of the old Formula One team Renault-Gitane and was later taken over by the University of Rome, which developed it further, specifically for use in professional cycling.



The performance.

For the best performance during cycling, the position is as important

as the the correct dimensions of the frame. The optimal aerodynamic position,

with the chest as close as possible to the top tube,

can be sustained for a long period only by a small number of athletes.
This means that very often, because of the type of skeleton and muscles, the best aerodynamic position must give place to the most comfortable position

that will allow the rider to put more force on the pedals in a more constant way.

During the ride the cyclist is supported on three points which are

saddle, handlebars and pedals.

With each small variation of these three points of support also varies the opportunity

to push on the pedals in a more or less ergonomic way and to cut through the air in

a more or less aerodynamic way. To ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with

the purchase, we continue to help him with free assistance and with modifications,

until he has found his perfect cycling position.

How we make a frame?


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