The right tubing carefully welded.

Tailored by StoroniĀ©, is not just making a frame using the anthropometric measures

of the customer. The purpose and the way the bike will be used, are also decisive

for the choice of geometries and materials

First of all there is the choice of materials.
Each material has its own characteristics

For the construction of our custom frames we use only the highest quality tubing manufactured by brands such as Columbus and Dedacciai

The materials we use are:

titanium, which has the characteristic of being "light and absorbent,

steel, which is defined as" comfortable"

and aluminum, which is seen as" lightweight and rigid".

With the principle that, the right material for the construction of all frames is a

combination of titanium alloys, the choices of the material, the more suitable shapes,

diameter and thickness of the tubes will be made depending on how the bike will be used

A frame used for sprints must resist and react to forces quite different from those

undergone by a frame used for marathons.
Each set of pipes used to make a StoroniĀ© frame is chosen depending on how

the frame will be used.

If you look at the welds then, you can clearly see that these are made with

extreme precision and are checked thoroughly, and it is a fact that in 17 years

of activity it has never happened that a frame has broken spontaneously.
All StoroniĀ© frames are welded in Italy, completely and exclusively by hand

and by highly experienced welders


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"comfortable", relatively heavy.


"direct, hard", lightweight.


"light, stiff and absorbent", resistant to corrosion and fatigue.