Steel is an iron-carbon alloy that by adding some elements such as chromium, nickel, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.. develops specific characteristics such as toughness, high resistance and malleability.

Steel offers the guarantee of a high performance, with weights now truly content.

New alloys allow us to build bicycle frames with a weight close to those of aluminium, but with characteristics of elasticity that are appreciated in particular over long distances.

Steel, unlike aluminium, is a metal that is stable over time and  does not require much maintenance.
If it is protected against rust, with an appropriate treatment and in conditions of normal use, has an almost unlimited durability.

Steel allows the construction of frames with good performance, rigid and comfortable, suitable for any type of use.

For our steel frames we use only top-level pipes, marked Columbus and Dedacciai.


The weight of a high range steel frame is around 1500 gr.


N.B on all our steel frames there is a 2 year warranty



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