Custom bicycles frame for sport and competitive spirit.

Each individual is unique!

Each of us has a unique skeleton, a unique muscle mass with its own elasticity and, not to forget, a different and unique way to see the cycling.

Treat yourself to comfort and quality of a custom-made bicycle frame.

With your anthropometric measures, and your specific requests, Storoni® designs and manufactures your bicycle frame for racing, mountain biking, cross or tourism.

All the work of construction and assembly is done entirely and rigorously by hand with the use of high quality titanium, aluminum or steel pipes.

What is ‘tailor made’?


Latest comments:


Dear Gianfranco,

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon to admire the beauty of this bike and this morning I decided to go for a test ride.
Despite the strong wind everything went ........ perfect.
The bike steers perfectly and it is deliciously stiff.
The seat is perfect and I really believe that with the same effort you are unable to reach a speed of 2-3 km / h more.
Cycling you can see the tastefully finishing that only an "Italian" can give and you can enjoy the quality of the used materials.
After this first tour, I can only say that I am very happy to own this beautiful and unique bicycle.





The first 2629er tailor made mountain bike in the Netherlands.

A top bike with a clever geometry.




"Pista" the tailor made track bike

Storoni Baanfiets op maat

Storoni Baanfiets op maat L


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